Saturday, 5 September 2015

Rolvenden Parish Council


Graham Tiltman (Streyte) webmaster
4 Monypenny, Maytham Road Rolvenden TN17 4NF
Tel: 01580 241006
Mrs Jacqueline Serra clerk
Glenwier, Tenterden Road,Rolvenden TN17 4JP
Tel: 01580 241347
Duncan Murray chairman
The White House, Maytham Road, Rolvenden TN17 4NE
Tel: 01580 212242
Denise Curtain ,Vice Chairperson (Layne) 33 Maytham Road,Rolvenden Layne ,TN17 4NS
Tel: Tel. 01580 241095
Brian Hindley (Streyte) High Chimneys, Sparkswood, Rolvenden, TN17 4NE
Tel: Tel. 01580 241421
Mr Michael Hook (Streyte) Oak Cottage, 15 Hastings Road, Rolvenden. TN17 4LS
Tel: Tel. 01580 241289
Irene Newman (Streyte) 10 Gybbons Road, Rolvenden,TN17 4LL
Tel: Tel. 01580 241813
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